Nafoods Passion Fruit – Recognized For The Vietnamese Agricultural Gold Brand For Multiple Years

chanh leo nafoods vinh danh thương hiệu vàng nông nghiệp việt/Nafoods passion fruit honors the Vietnamese agricultural gold brand

On October 25th 2023, Nafoods Passion Fruit Joint Stock Company, a unit of Nafoods Group, was honored to be named in the “Vietnam Agricultural Golden Brand” award category with its product line of passion fruit seedlings and advanced technology at the honoring ceremony organized by the Vietnam General Association of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Hình ảnh PGS-TS Nguyễn Văn Viết- Viện trưởng viện nghiên cứu và phát triển nông nghiệp Nafoods nhận giải thưởng/Image of Associate Professor - Dr. Nguyen Van Viet - Director of Nafoods Agricultural Research and Development Institute receiving the award
Image of Associate Professor – Dr. Nguyen Van Viet – Director of Nafoods Agricultural Research and Development Institute receiving the award

This is the 9th year that the Vietnam General Association of Agriculture and Rural Development has organized the survey and voting program for the “Vietnam Agricultural Gold Brand” award. The program is organized to recognize the positive contributions of businesses in the country’s agricultural and rural development, thereby contributing to enhancing the position and reputation of businesses in the marketplace and community. At the same time, it affirmed the brand value for many Vietnamese agricultural products in domestic and international markets.

According to assessments from the organizing committee, over the past years, Nafoods Passion Fruit Joint Stock Company has made many positive contributions to socio-economic development associated with local agricultural economic development. This is the second consecutive year that the company’s passion fruit seedling products have been voted and evaluated by the Council as products with high quality, high use value, good development potential and were honored as “Vietnam Agricultural Golden Brand”.

đại diện chanh leo nafoods nhận giải thương hiệu vàng nông nghiệp việt/Representative of Nafoods company at the honor ceremony to receiving the award
Representative of Nafoods company at the honor ceremony to receiving the award

Up to now, Nafoods is the first unit in Vietnam to successfully create passion fruit varieties using the sexual hybrid method and has been granted an exclusive protection certificate by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Currently, the company is supplying to the market passion fruit varieties Dai Nong 1, Nafoods 1, Que Phong 1, and Tainon One. Each variety has its own superior and outstanding characteristics, suitable for diverse farming conditions and purposes.

4 loại cây giống chanh leo của công ty cổ phần chanh leo nafoods/4 types of passion fruit seedlings from nafoods passion fruit joint stock company

The Nafoods passion fruit variety has the common advantages of being able to grow and develop healthily, short harvest time, and high resistance to pests and diseases. In particular, the tree has high yield and good quality. The harvested fruit has a heavy weight, high nutritional content, hard shell, beautiful color, and characteristic aromatic flavor. Particularly, passion fruit varieties Que Phong 1 and Nafoods 1 researched and produced by Nafoods have been granted protection certificates and licenses to circulate on the market by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam.

bằng chứng nhận của Nafoods thương hiệu vàng nông nghiệp việt nam năm 2023/Nafoods certificate of Vietnamese agricultural gold brand in 2023

Accordingly, the outstanding characteristics of each type are as follows:

  • Dai Nong 1 variety received production technology transfer from Taiwan for production at Nafoods High-tech Crop Production Research Institute. Nafoods is also the first enterprise in Vietnam to complete legal documents related to the production and circulation of Dai Nong 1 seedlings and was granted a “Decision to recognize the leading passion fruit variety” by Nghe An Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and along with the “Decision to certify the leading passion fruit orchard”. Dai Nong 1 variety has high productivity, with average fruit yields reaching 30-40 tons/ha/season. The fruit has a beautiful dark purple color when ripe, and a characteristic fragrant scent that is very popular in European, Chinese, Thai, and Cambodian markets.
  • Tainon One variety has been applied with Nafoods antiviral technology on passion fruit trees. This technology was transferred directly to Nafoods from National Taiwan Chung-Hsing University. Thanks to that, when the seedlings are taken out into the natural environment, the seedlings adapt and resist pests better. Due to its adaptable growth characteristics, high yield, and outstanding disease resistance, this is the variety chosen by the majority of passion fruit gardeners in the Central Highlands and Northwest provinces. Nafoods has also exported a large number of passion fruit seedlings to the Laos market.
  • Nafoods 1 passion fruit variety has some outstanding advantages such as no need for a nursery, strong growth, and a short growth time to harvest, from 6-8 months. Commercial fruit from the Nafoods 1 variety also has many advantages in quality. The fruit has a naturally sweet and slightly sour taste with a Brix level of over 17%, meeting the diverse consumer needs of the fresh fruit market in Vietnam and abroad. Currently, the Nafoods 1 variety is cultivated in growing areas that cooperate with the company and continue to expand the cultivation area. The company purchases and exclusively distributes this sweet purple passion fruit.
  • Meanwhile, the passion fruit variety Que Phong 1 has high yields, exceptionally large fruits (120 – 146 grams/fruit), thick juice, and hard shell, so it is convenient for storage and transportation without bruises or scratches affecting the appearance and quality of the fruit juice. Therefore, fresh passion fruit Que Phong 1 is often chosen for export to distant markets such as Europe, Russia, America, etc.

Nafoods Passion Fruit Joint Stock Company Sand Nafoods Group are proud to be the number 1 passion fruit seedling production enterprise in Vietnam. In the near future, the company will continue to research and develop more types of passion fruit varieties, as well as other varieties of seedlings with the criteria of putting quality first. We will be joining hands to help build and develop the lemon industry, to help it grow sustainably and bring the highest value to farmers and the Vietnamese agricultural industry.