List of Products

Value Chain

1. Seedling

With the cooperation of experts from Chung Hsing National University from Taiwan, Nafoods has developed a high-tech passion fruit seedlings Nursery with the total area of 6 ha and a capacity of 3.5-4 million seedlings per year. This Nursery has provided passion fruit seedlings for the large plantation area throughout the country and also exported to Laos.

2. Raw material area

Clean fruits and vegetables: The raw materials are invested with modern and synchronous irrigation system & modern farming techniques to produce quality products.

3. Production And Processing

Fresh fruits and vegetables are quickly transported to the plants, then sorted and put into the modern processing lines which were imported from European suppliers.

4. Distribution – Consumption

After being manufactured and packaged, these products are quickly put into the storage system and loaded into containers; then distributed to supermarkets, distribution channels and seaports for export.


Nafoods Group: 200 proprietary hectares


30.000 contract farming hectares


40 different fruits and vegetables


Export & distribution in 70 countries

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