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Dried fruit is not too unfamiliar to consumers in the world. And currently in the domestic market, Vietnamese consumers are also gradually adopting dried fruit as an effective alternative to fresh fruit, because of its efficiency and convenience. Nowadays we can easily find and buy fruit-dried products in grocery stores, supermarkets, …

What is dried fruit? Compare dried fruit with fresh fruit?

Dried fruit has many unexpected advantages compared to fresh fruit
Dried fruit has many unexpected advantages compared to fresh fruit

Dried fruit is essentially fresh fruit, processed by industrial methods to dry, concentrate, remove some impurities, … In order to bring consumers a convenient product more, easier to use.

Dried fruit has many types: dried, crispy, sugar-free, … This product has many advantages that fresh fruit cannot have. Such as can be used quickly, used immediately without elaborate processing, long shelf life, … Nutritional efficiency is not inferior thanks to strict treatment process of reputable manufacturers.

Surprising benefits of dried fruit?

Dried fruit has many amazing health benefits
Dried fruit has many amazing health benefits

Dried fruit is a processed food that has been processed with ingredients. To compete, most manufacturers do research to optimize the efficiency of use. Such as finding ways to retain nutritional components, treatment to remove impurities, anti-oxidants, enhance flavor … Some unexpected benefits that dried fruits bring:

  • Health Benefits: Antioxidants in dried fruit help prevent cancer. The high content of Vitamin C and fiber can help lower cholesterol, reduce blood fat. Helps improve brain diseases such as headache, memory loss. Good for eyesight.
  • Beauty Help: Can be nutritious as a good source of Vitamin A. Has the effect of rejuvenating the skin, anti-acne, and bright skin. High nutritional content but easy to digest helps to lose weight, keep shape, can be used in all diets.
  • Stress reduction: Vitamin B1 sources in dried products help boost the immune system and control psychological conditions such as depression and stress.
  • Delicious and delicious flavor: With current processing technology, most dried fruits retain their original taste like eating fresh fruit. Natural sugar is easily digested when taken into the body. Also stimulates taste and creates appetite.
  • Used as a snack for all subjects, or used as ingredients to process many delicious dishes such as baking, topping for nutritional drinks, …

How to eat dried fruit properly?

Need to know how to use fruit properly
Need to know how to use fruit properly

Anything in the world has its downsides, and so does dried fruit. In addition to the great benefits it brings, it is also necessary to have a method of using the right way to maximize the benefits of this food:

  • Eat with reasonable doses: It must be recognized that dried fruit is delicious. At the same time, the drying process helps the concentration of nutrients contained in it even higher than fresh fruit. Do not overeat eat too much at a time, and should eat many kinds of together. The trick is to split the serving size in a box or plastic bag so as not to be too “addicted” to overeating.
  • Drink lots of water in combination: Dried fruit is an excellent source of fiber for the body. But it also makes the body sweat a lot. Therefore, it is necessary to combine drinking plenty of water to limit the harmful effects such as constipation, lack of water, …
  • Eat a combination of foods rich in protein: Should eat in combination with foods such as meat, fish, milk … will help reduce the amount of sugar absorbed into the body.

What kind of delicious dried fruit to eat? 

What is a product's delicacy rating?
What is a product’s delicacy rating?

There are many types of dried fruits. Depending on taste as well as nutritional needs, consumers can choose from different types to enjoy. Some criteria to evaluate the deliciousness of the product:

  • Crunchy: Evenly crunchy, not hard, not sag, no bottle, … Eating on other colds must not be too dry but still have to maintain natural sweetness
  • Flexibility: Reasonable, not too tough, not too hard.
  • Reasonable size: The dried fruit pieces must be reasonable, not too big, especially not too shredded. Eye-catching appearance, bright and even colors;
  • Taste: Maintained natural aroma, sweetness, acidity, lightness, … All must be reasonable, to avoid overdoing artificial flavoring.

What are the dried fruit products of Nafoods?

Product catalog of Nafoods
Product catalog of Nafoods

Nafoods has always been recognized as a pioneer in the field of processing natural products made from fruit. Dried fruit is one of the products that create added value for the Nafoods brand. Some types of products that this unit offers, including:

  • Dried products with sugar: dried orange, dried passion fruit, dried strawberry, dried jackfruit, dried mango, mixed dried …
  • Dried products without sugar: Coconut fiber or piece, dried guava, dried dragon fruit, …
  • Types of nuts: Peanuts, coconut milk, cashews, macadamia nuts, …

Product processing standards of Nafoods?

The “home-grown” material area of ​​Nafoods
The “home-grown” material area of ​​Nafoods
  • Raw material source “homegrown”: Nafoods builds and owns natural fruit farms in all three regions. Seed experts as well as agricultural engineers were also invited by Nafoods to research and manage farms.
  • Industrial processing method closed, not in contact with the environment. Ensuring safety standards. Use modern chains and machines suitable for each type of product. Nafoods products meet international export standards.
  • Ensure nutrition, natural taste: Achieve stability, keep a portion of water, evenly for all domestic and foreign markets
  • Some drying methods: Heat drying (plastic drying), drying (crispy), sublimation drying, vacuum frying, cold drying, …
  • Packing standard: PE bag 0.5kg or 1kg; or as required;
  • Quality certificates: ISO 22000: 2005, HALAL, BRC, AFI / AFI Standard (international standard), …

Order genuine products at Nafoods

After years of hard-working branding and affirming its position in the international arena, exporting to more than 50 countries around the world. Nafoods has currently researched and is supplying the domestic market with dried fruit products with a variety of types, suitable to the needs and tastes of the local people. Contact us for advice as soon as possible: NAFOODS GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANY 47 Nguyen Canh Hoan, City. Vinh, Nghe An Province +84 2383 532 632