The cooperation agreement on passion fruit seed production was signed by Nafoods Group Joint Stock Company and Chung – Hsing National University

On April 24, 2018, a signing ceremony of passion fruit seed production cooperation agreement was signed by Nafoods Group Joint Stock Company and Chung – Hsing National University.

Attending the ceremony, on the side of Chung Hsing National University, there were Prof Shy-Dong-Yeh, Professor Woo Nang Chang, Mr Lin Ying Ta … Representatives of Nafoods were Mr. Pham Duy Thai – Deputy General Director andMr. Nguyen Van Viet – Director of Nafoods Research and Development Institute and some other key members. 

In recent years, Nafoods has played a very important role in promoting the development of passion fruit and passion fruit varieties in Vietnam. Additionally, Nafoods also contributé a great part to confirming the position of purple passion fruit in Vietnam with other countries and accounting for about 10% of the worldwide concentrated supply of passion fruit. The initial success of today is a result of  strong and close connections of the professors, the difficulties sharing, advisable solutions of Nafoods Research Institute, the unanimity and determination of all employees of Nafoods Group during the past time

At the ceremony, Mr. Pham Duy Thai – Deputy General Director of Nafoods sent his most sincere thankfulness to the board of Chung Hsing National University, Professor Shy – Dong – Yeh, Professor Woo Nang Chang, Mr. Lin Ying Ta, Institute research and develop Nafoods and its employees.

With the spirit of determination to change to apply new technology to the production of passion fruit varieties, Nafoods is committed to maximize technological efficiency that the Professors of Chung Hsing National University has and will transfer to Nafoods in the near future.

On a new scale of cooperation, Nafoods and Chung Hsing National University will continue to sign a new agreement towards comprehensive and professional cooperation. This will be a milestone marking the sustainable development cooperation for both Nafoods and Chung Hsing.

Speaking at the ceremony, Representative of Chung – Hsing National University, Prof. Shy – Dong – Yeh were fascinated to commit to provide the best technological support so that Nafoods can apply to their purple passion fruit production in Vietnam

Nafoods hopes that through this cooperation, Nafoods will have access to more modern scientific and technological achievements in Taiwan’s high-tech agriculture field and ultimately contribute to promoting the development of Vietnamese agriculture in general and passion fruit seedling production of Nafoods in particular.