Our Goal of
Reponsibility for products
Identifying food safety as top priority, Nafoods commits that each ofits products is the result of a closed productioncycle which meets one of the most stringent requirements for the quality, including

1. Research for safe products

Nafoods’s product development strategy aims at safety and health benefits for its customer. Therefore, we have been extremely careful in each production process, from establishing product formula, deciding materials to packaging design, in order to ensure the safety for the customer.
Moreover, we absolutely say “no” to unhealthy ingredients that can result in negative impacts on consumers’ health such as preservatives in all present and future products of Nafoods.

2. Closed value chain

Nafoods has formed a closed product value chain from directly cultivating, processing and transporting to the customer. Strict process to ensure the product is safe.

3. Modern equipment and technologies

To ensure the perfect quality of its products, Nafoods has consistently been researching and investing in modern equipment and technologies. We proudly own one of the most advanced manufacturing chains in the world.

4. Management and quality control in compliance with international standards

Nafoods has highly paid attention to product quality control and management. We have therefore applied advanced management systems such as Global Gap, ISO,… to strictly and thoroughly manage all manufacturing stages including pre, mid and after production in order to ensure the quality and safety of ourproducts.

5. Full and fair of informations for customer

We commits to deliver full and fairof informations about our products including cropping, harvesting, processing and preservating alsoguidelines to help customer choose and use our products that fit and satisfy their needs.