Soft dried mango

1 Ingredients 95% Fresh mango, 5% sugar
2 Certifications ISO, HACCP
3 Health Benefits
  • Mango contains a lot of calories and nutrients such as vitamin A; Vitamin B6 and some other B vitamins. It has antioxidant effects, boost the immune system and eyesight and prevent dry eyes and night blindness.
  • High levels of vitamin C in mango could help you to improve lipid disorder condition.
  • Mango also contains many beneficial bacteria and enzyme good for the body.

Soft dried mango is actually the good choice for delicious and healthy snacks with great taste, nutrients and convenience. Explore more in the following article.

Soft dried mango is no longer a strange snack on the current market. It is more and more popular and actually an attractive choice for anyone who loves food which is made of fruits.

Not only has a delicious taste, soft dried mango also has high nutritional content and is good for health. This snack is extremely suitable for modern lifestyle which pays more attention to balance, nutrition and health in diet.

If you are wondering about choosing this amazing product from Nafoods, here are 3 reasons you cannot ignore it. Let’s start.

Soft dried mango
Soft dried mango

Soft dried mango keeps great flavour of fresh fruits

Thanks to modern dried food processing technology of Nafoods, soft dried mango also has great flavour like fresh fruits. This is the most important thing making this product popular and worth being chosen by thousands of families.

Among dozens types of tropical fruits, mango is always the typical one because of its great flavour. Combining sweet and a bit sour, mango’s flavour is unique and causes more cravings than other sweet fruits. Mangoes are so popular that, if you ask a random person if she/he likes the taste of mango, you will easily get an answer of yes.

Soft dried mango
Soft dried mango

Vietnam has a tropical climate that is extremely ideal for the development of mangoes. Thanks to that, the raw materials for this dried fruit are extremely abundant as well as having high quality. It’s also good conditions to breed and develop good mango varieties, giving juicy and sweet fruits.

Choosing mangoes for dried fruit line, Nafoods makes good use of the unique flavour of this tropical fruit type and the abundant raw materials from their farms in Vietnam. The selection of the best varieties and cultivation under strict process make mangoes harvested from Nafoods farms always of high quality. It plays the important role to process excellent soft dried mango product, which keeps great flavour of fresh fruits. At the same time, it has the eye-catching yellow color, causing your craving at the first look.

Soft dried mango has many benefits for health

With more than 20 types of vitamins and minerals, mangoes have many health benefits. Here are the 8 most prominent benefits of this fruit.

Prevent macular degeneration of the eye

The zeaxanthin antioxidant found in mangoes can filter harmful blue rays and help protect eye health by avoiding macular degeneration.

Prevent cancer

Beta-carotene and polyphenols which are found in mangoes are proven to prevent cancer effectively. According to a study done by the Department of Nutrition of the Harvard School of Public Health, a beta-carotene rich diet plays a role in fighting prostate cancer. Moreovers, the food scientists did some experiments using polyphenols in mangoes on colon, breast, lung, leukemia, and prostate cancer tissues and found more effects against breast and colon cancers.

Help to strengthen bones

It’s proven by the research on rats that the researchers added dried mangoes in their diets which have high fat content. The research figures out that rats that have 1% mango in their diet showed higher bone mineral density number (BMD) for their whole body, including spine and tibia.

Good for diabetes patients

The research performed by professors from the University of Queensland proves that there are some similarities between the medications of diabetes and cholesterol control and the effects of   ingredients in mangos. That’s why eating 1 mango per day can help lower cholesterol as well as fight diabetes.

Good for the digestive system

Amylases found in mangoes, which are also known as a group of digestive enzymes can divide large food molecules into smaller ones. Thus, they can be absorbed easilier. Amylase turns complex carbs into sugars, including both glucose and maltose. They work better in ripe mangoes. That’s why we find them sweeter than unripe ones.

Moreovers, mangoes also partly help solve constipation, one of the most common digestive problems because of high fiber content.

Reduce the risk of heart disease

Thanks to high amounts of polyphenols such as mangiferin, quercetin, gallotannin and gallic acid, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease, mango is a type of fruit which can protect heart health effectively.


Thanks to beta-carotene content, mangoes can reduce the risk of developing asthma with the frequent use in diet.

Make beautiful healthy hair and skin

Vitamin A and vitamin C play the main role to make beautiful healthy hair and skin. While vitamin A takes part in the production of sebum that helps keep your hair moisturized and the growth of skin and hair, vitamin C is helpful for the creation and maintenance of collagen, providing structure to the skin and hair.

Soft dried mango is the great snack for modern life

The third reason that you shouldn’t skip soft dried mango is the convenience. It’s also an important factor in modern lifestyle when people become busier and they need something really easy to take away and can eat whenever they want.

Dried fruits in general can meet that demand well. But soft dried fruits are more convenient in preserving than hard and crispy ones. And they are the better choice in case you have weaker teeth.

With 2 ingredients, fresh mangoes and sugar, soft dried mango is really a healthy snack for everyone. It also can be considered as a new way to eat fruits.

Soft dried mango
Soft dried mango


This article gives you much information about soft dried mango with 3 reasons you shouldn’t skip it from its flavour, its benefits for health and its advantages in modern life.

With natural flavour and high quality supplement source from Nafoods farms, soft dried mango from Nafoods contains fresh flavour and natural eye-catching color of raw materials. Thus, it’s not only a delicious snack but also a good choice for busy life and various types of customers.

Hopefully you find this article useful to make a decision for the right delicious and healthy snacks for you and your family. Thanks for your reading!