Salted Roasted Cashews

1 Product style WW240, WW320, WW450; LBW240; LBW320; SW240; SW320, DW
2 International standards AFI Standard
3 Certification ISO, HACCP
 4  Benefit
  • Cashew nuts are rich in iron, phosphorus, seleni-um, magnesium and zinc Cashew nuts are also good sources of phytochemical, antioxidants and protein.
  • Prevent cancel, help to avoid cancel causing from free radicals; produce melanin for better skin and more beautiful hair.
  • Good for heart, cashew nuts contain many antioxidants will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease. Magnesium in cashew helps lower blood pressure and help prevent heart attacks.
  • Prevent gallstone, weight loss

Salted Roasted Cashews is a nutritious snack made from peeled, pure cashews, combined with pure salt, then roasted and mixed together to create a dish with excellent taste, and especially stimulate the user’s taste buds.

salted roasted cashews
Salted cashew nuts

What does Nafoods salted roasted cashews have?

Cashew nuts are large, round, right size, grade A weight. The seeds are filtered deeply, not broken. Roasted on evenly cooked charcoal, easy to peel, so when eaten, it always brings the full aroma. Beads are very eye-catching at first sight.

salted roasted cashews
Cashews at Nafoods

Cashew nuts after drying will be peeled to get the kernel inside, this kernel will include a very healthy silk shell. After separating the kernel, it will be roasted with pure salt at a suitable temperature. With this salted roasted cashew nut recipe, Nafoods confidently creates delicious and quality products for customers.

When salted cashew nuts, Nafoods uses only one additive, which is pure salt, absolutely does not use any chemicals or other additives, does not use preservatives, so cashews are always freshly roasted, no inventory.

salted roasted cashews
Pure salt is the main raw material for roasting cashews

According to analysis and research by experts, the inside of cashew nuts contains a lot of nutritional components that have the ability to protect good health. Besides, they are also processed into many dishes, and salted roasted cashews is one of the favorite dishes of many people.

Salted cashew nuts

Why choose Nafoods salted roasted cashews?

At Nafoods, we always bring you 100% original Vietnamese salted roasted cashews and not mixed with any other cashews. Guaranteed to bring quality products with pure cashew flavor Delicious – Rich – Nutritious