Fresh Passion Fruit

 1 Colour
  • Purple to deep purple outer skin.
  • White inner skin surface.
  • Translucent yellow to orange flesh filled with black seeds.
 2 Weight Min: 75gr/piece; Average: 10-14 pieces/kg
 3 Ripeness
  • Outer Skin: Ripen area of outer skin from 95-100%.
  • Flesh and Juice: Natural ripeness, translucent yellow to orange
 4 Pesticide and heavy metal
  • No preservatives, additives
  • MRL of pesticide meets EU requirements
  • Heavy metal meets EU requirements
 5 Transportation Transport in carton packaging at cool temperature from 5 to 10oC

Fresh passion fruit exported is one of the main agricultural products of Vietnam, which is very loved by countries around the world. Especially, the fresh passion fruit of Nafoods with a fresh and natural sweet taste can be eaten right away without any additives. The quality of Nafoods passion fruit conquers many consumers thanks to its dedication in the whole process from propagation, cultivation to finished products. Let’s learn more about Nafoods’ freshly exported passion fruit in the following article!

1.Passion fruit and great use

1.1. Passion fruit – typical fruit of the tropics

Passion fruit is a typical fruit of the tropics and is very familiar in Vietnam. Passion fruit in English name is passion fruit if translated literally meaning the fruit of passion and love. It got its name probably because of the unique flavor and rich aroma of passion fruit.

Passion fruit - a typical tropical fruit of Vietnam (Photo source: dashu83)
Passion fruit in vietnamese

Scientifically, passion fruit belongs to the passion family (Passifloraceae), not related to the citrus family (Rutaceae). Because it does not appear citrus fruits, but inside are seeds surrounded by the pulp. Unlike other fruit that cannot eat seeds, passion fruit can use whole seeds. Even passion fruit seeds have been shown to be a very good source of fiber for the body. Passion fruit seeds can laxative and cure constipation with no side effects.

1.2. Uses of fresh passion fruit

Referring to fresh passion fruit, it is impossible not to mention its great uses such as:

  • Good source of essential vitamins and nutrients for the body such as vitamins A, C, iron, potassium, fiber
  • Phytochemical extracts of passion fruit have the effect of preventing the growth of cancer cells
  • The phenolic acid and flavonoids in fresh passion fruit are effective in preventing cardiovascular disease and fighting infection
  • The sugar in passion fruit is a simple, energetic sugar that can be used by people with diabetes
  • The sterols in passion fruit are plant compounds that decrease blood cholesterol levels
  • Passion fruit also has a sedative and analgesic effect, limits nervous tension, headaches, and symptoms in premenopausal women. Passion fruit also works to relax you, make it easier to sleep, while cooling, quenching thirst, and sedation Fresh passion fruit is very healthy
Fresh passion fruit is very healthy (Photo source:
Fresh passion fruit is very healthy

2. Fresh passion fruit export of Nafoods

2.1. Fresh passion fruit is a Vietnamese product that is popular all over the world

Exported fresh passion fruit is one of Vietnam’s agricultural products, which is favored in many countries around the world. Especially European countries. Your countries love the fresh passion fruit flavor of Vietnam because it is sweeter and aromatic than passion fruit of other countries. Especially the type of passion fruit with purple passion fruit in Vietnam is more appreciated than the yellow passion fruit of South America.

Fresh passion fruit exported from Vietnam is favored by many countries (Photo source: Worker)
Fresh passion fruit exported from Vietnam is favored by many countries (Photo source: Worker)

The demand for fresh passion fruit exported in the world is also very large. European countries still need a guaranteed supply of passion fruit in both quantity and quality to make raw materials for the food and cosmetics industry. So the export potential of Vietnam fresh passion fruit is very great if the passion fruit growing and exporting enterprises can ensure the strict production process and large output all year round like Nafoods .

2.2. Exported fresh passion fruit is the key product of Nafoods

Nafoods is known all over the world as the largest passion fruit exporter in Asia. Although lemon fresh export not only products of the Group. But when people hear about the brand Nafoods , people think of passion fruit again. Exported purple passion fruit of Nafoods is also appreciated for its top quality in the world.

Fresh passion fruit export of Nafoods
Fresh passion fruit export of Nafoods

To get the position like today, Nafoods has overcome many difficulties in cultivating and exporting goods. Nafoods also constantly improves competitiveness and quality of finished products to maintain its position as the world’s leading exporter of fresh purple passion fruit.

3. Advantages of Nafoods fresh passion fruit export

3.1. Research Institute of passion fruit seedlings to improve product quality

In addition to being the leading supplier of fresh passion fruit for export , Nafoods is also the leading supplier of passion fruit seedlings in Vietnam with more than 6 million seedlings per year. Knowing the importance of plant breeding in creating value chains for businesses, Nafoods invested in developing its own passion fruit seedling research institute in Que Phong district, Nghe An province. At his seedling research institute, Nafoods transplanted 2 types of passion fruit to produce the most excellent plant variety for the Vietnamese soil. This fresh export passion fruit variety of Nafoods is also the only passion fruit variety that has been recognized and officially produced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to date. To create the best cultivars, the Nafoods Seed Institute consulted experts from Taiwan National Chung Hsing University. The research and propagation process is completely closed and isolated from outside agents to have good vitality, free from pests and diseases. Nafoods is also the first private Vietnamese enterprise to have its own laboratory system. Laboratories are used to test and analyze viruses on passion fruit trees. From there, it is possible to ensure that the seedlings are not only disease-free and virus-free. So the seedlings of Nafoods has a survival rate of over 90% and produces a large and qualified export of fresh passion fruit .

3.2. A large area of ​​clean raw materials ensures both quality and quantity

Nafoods ensures the output of fresh passion fruit for export because there is a large area of ​​clean material cultivation both in Vietnam and abroad. Nafoods’ fresh export passion fruit growing areasinclude 300 ha in Nghe An, 5,000 ha in the Northwest, 3,000 ha in the Central Highlands, and 400 ha in Laos.

Nafoods passion fruit seedling research institute
Nafoods passion fruit seedling research institute

The large material areas and distribution of many places ensure the supply of passion fruit of Nafoods is always abundant. Nafoods also applies strict farming practices to ensure the raw materials meet Global Gap standards. Therefore, passion fruit of Nafoods can guarantee both quantity and quality for the huge export demand of foreign markets.

3.3. The sweet aromatic passion fruit flavor can be eaten directly without preparation

Fresh lemon exports of Nafoods famous for delicious flavor and its sweetness. Unlike some other varieties of passion fruit, passion fruit of Nafoods is sweet, not sour. So that consumers can cut out to eat directly or use the preparation of drinks without adding sugar.

The sweet and sweet Nafoods passion fruit can be eaten directly
The sweet and sweet Nafoods passion fruit can be eaten directly

The natural sweetness makes passion fruit Nafoods very easy to drink. Natural sweetness also helps to limit the use of sugar, good for health. The strong aroma also increases the appeal of dishes and drinks. Big fruit, thick pulp and sweet aroma are the things that impress Nafoods passion fruit .

3.4. Products achieve top certifications in the world

Fresh passion fruit exports of Nafoods achieve the world’s top certifications. One of them can be mentioned as AIJN, Halal, Kosher, BRC, SGF, ISO 22000: 2005, Global Gap … These are all leading certifications of sustainable agricultural application practices in the world. It is also the most stringent of export standards. Therefore, Nafoods products can be exported to difficult markets such as Europe, America, Japan …

Certifications by Nafoods
Certifications by Nafoods

3.5. Highly experienced export passion fruit supplier

Nafoods has started growing and exporting passion fruit since 2009. With more than 10 years researching, growing, producing and exporting passion fruit, Nafoods has accumulated a lot of experience for itself in this field. Diversified export markets include Europe, America, Asia … Therefore, Nafoods understands the export process, strict specifications and quality requirements of each place.

4. You are in need of buying fresh passion fruit for export of Nafoods

4.1. Specification of export fresh passion fruit products of Nafoods

  • Fresh passion fruit for export with intact fruit, picked when just ripe, keeping freshness and still being hard
  • Passion fruit is packed in 2kg cartons or according to customers’ requirements
  • Store at 5 – 10 degrees Celsius and 85% humidity
  • Products must have a shelf life not less than 9 days from the date of receipt

4.2. Contact buy Nafoods

If you are in need of a qualified source of fresh passion fruit for export, contact Nafoods. Nafoods’ passion fruit leaves are not cracked or damaged. The fruit also does not contain insects, pests, or pesticide residues or metals. Products meet Global Gap standards and the most stringent export standards in the world. For more specific advice and the process of purchasing and exporting, please contact:

  • Nafoods Group JSC Head office: 47 Nguyen Canh Hoan, Vinh City, Nghe An Province, Vietnam
  • Factory 1: Quynh Chau Commune, District Quynh Luu, Nghe An Province
  • Vietnam Factory 2: Hoa Khanh Tay Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province, Vietnam
  • Phone: +84 2383 532 632 Fax: +84 2383 853 902
  • Email: sale @ nafoods. com
  • Website:

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