Nafoods: Many meaningful activities in response to Workers’ Month 2023

Workers’ Month 2023

The practical and exciting activities to respond to the Workers’ Month 2023 were simultaneously implemented under the Executive Board’s directions by the unions of the branches in the group with many meaningful care models for union members and employees and have brought remarkable results.

Opening the series of activities is the “Cooling Down Summer” program implemented at Nafoods Passion Fruit Joint Stock. All officials, employees, and workers working at both Nghe An and Gia Lai facilities were able to enjoy cool glasses of vitamin-rich passion fruit juice, which is one of the company’s core products. Amid the hot summer weather, the company’s union committee organized single-use cups, with juices prepared at the right rate, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

thang cong nhan 2023/Workers' Month 2023

Within the framework of the programs to respond to Workers’ Month 2023, Nafoods Joint Stock Company at Tay Nguyen successfully organized the activity of planting trees to cover bare land and create green – clean – beautiful landscapes throughout the factory premises, and the system of seedlings research and production institutes. The estimated funding source for the whole program is 200 million VND which serves the projects of rows of tropical almond trees (Terminalia catappa), rows of corn plants (Dracaena fragrans), rows of Mai trees (Ochna integerrima), rows of star apple trees (Chrysophyllum cainito), etc., which are arranged and planted by the planning map to ensure the maintained order in the common area.

thang cong nhan 2023/Workers' Month 2023

Besides, to raise the awareness and responsibility of employees to the Company, Nafoods has recently organized an internal cultural training program. The entire program content is oriented following the company’s vision and mission. The program was organized under the chairmanship of General Director Nguyen Manh Hung and attracted a large number of participation of employees and workers of the company.

Joining this series of activities, to connect employees in the group and create a close relationship between the employee’s family and the company, the Trade Union of Vinh organized a program of art performance with a Children’s Day party for the children of employees and workers working here. The program was attended by Mr. Ho Hai Quan – Nafoods’ Human Resources Director, and members of the Executive Board and Executive Committee of the Trade Union of Vinh. More than 50 children had genuinely meaningful moments of relaxation after a stressful school year. In addition, any child with excellent academic achievements also received a special package carefully prepared by the organizing committee.

thang cong nhan nafoods

With these meaningful activities, Nafoods has been and continues to strive to build a working environment that respects and promotes human rights in relationships with our employees, suppliers, and partners, including compliance with the prohibition of child and forced labor. Nafoods is committed to the highest standards of business and ethical conduct, including compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as company policies, practices, and procedures. Nafoods has been perfecting and developing a corporate culture with its own identity, creating a solid and civilized basis, and ensuring all rights of employees in the company.