Nafoods Group Exhibits Product At Gulfood Fair 2023

hoi cho gulfood dubai 2023/gulfood fair 2023

Gulfood Fair is the world’s largest food and beverage exhibition, taking place annually in February. Prior to the Covid epidemic, the show was successfully held with the participation of 120 booths from various countries, more than 5.000 enterprises displaying their products, and more than 90.000 trade visitors from more than 170 nations.

hoi cho gulfood dubai 2023

Nafoods Group is ready for the Gulfood 2023 Exhibition in Dubai

Gulfood Dubai Expo 2023, which runs from February 20 to 24, 2023, is a special occasion to mark the 28th anniversary of the Gulfood Fair. With this organization, Gulfood aims to take a whole new look at how the food and beverage industry works after the pandemic, as well as new opportunities and potential for the world food industry.

hoi cho gulfood dubai 2023

Accordingly, Nafoods Group team led by Ms. Dien Thi Lan Phuong – Chairman of the Board of Directors was also present at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center to participate in Gulfood Dubai Fair from February 19. The booth was quickly arranged and completed. Nafoods concentrated on bringing the company’s primary product lines to this fair, which included processed items such as IQF, Juice Concentrate, Puree and NFC from passion fruit, mango, dragon fruit, coconut, pineapple, and bananas, as well as fresh fruits like passion fruit, durian, sour lemon, pineapple, and some varieties of dried fruit and nutritious seeds.

hoi cho gulfood dubai 2023

Nafoods’ flagship products such as IQF, concentrate juice, and puree juice are being displayed beautifully

It is known that Nafoods Group products like fresh mango and passion fruit have long been favorites of Middle Eastern consumers. In recent years, they also have shown a special interest in products made from pineapple and bananas. Nafoods also wants to promote a wider range of dried fruit products to new markets through this exhibition. Thankfully, visitors gave Nafoods’ major dried products—including dried passion fruit, dried mango, dried pineapple, crispy jackfruit—favorable reviews.

hoi cho gulfood dubai 2023

Nafoods’ dried fruit and fresh fruit booth is present at the Gulfood Exhibition

Following thoughtful preparation and in-depth market research, Nafoods Group hopes that Gulfood Dubai 2023 will bring us connection with many clients and partners to develop production and business, while also introducing Vietnamese agricultural products to friends around the world.

Information about Gulfood Fair 2023 and activities of Nafoods Group here will continue to be updated in the coming days.