Our Goal of
Local economic development

In all of its activities, Nafoods always purpose to connecting the company’s growth to the common development of both local and national economies.

1. Functioning in compliance with law

• Always complying with laws and regulations in where Nafoods has operation activities.
• Ensuring that all statistics and numeric data reported to the authority agencies are precise, honest, complete and timely.
• Actively participating into programs launched by the Government to stabilize and develop the national economy.
• Completely fulfilling tax duties and other obligations stipulated by the law of the countries in which Nafoods operates.

2. Developing local economy

In the localities where Nafoods has its business and production activities, the company always aims at connecting its production scale expansion with the development of local economy:
• Investing in facilities, contributing to the local infrastructure development.
• Creating jobs and vocational training opportunities for local labour force.

3. High quality agricultural development

• Applying the world’s advanced technologies in Nafoods’s farms to contribute to the development of high quality farming agriculture of Vietnam
• Supporting farmers by providing them with finance, techniques
• Having policies in procurement to ensure farmers’ benefit through the commitments of stable purchasing quantities and competitive prices.