We commit to respect and promote human rights in our relationships with our employees, suppliers and our partners including the compliance with the prohibition of child labour and forced labour. Nafoods commit to the highest standards of business and ethical behaviour including compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as company policies, practices and procedures. Nafoods has been perfecting and developing a corporate culture with its own identity, creating a solid and civilized base, ensuring all rights of employees in the company.

1. Workplace safety and health care

The desire for working under safe conditions and good health care is a legitimate aspiration of the workforce. Therefore, Nafoods commits to:

  • Fully provide employees with PPE – personal protective equipment and safety measures to ensure the safety for employees during their working process
  • Organize annual safety guidelines for employees.
  • Making anti-fire systems at the headquarters and all working facilities and ensure that 100% of employees are trained on fire prevention and suppression once a year.
  • Do health care programs and provide employees with comprehensive health and accident insurance, in addition to the health insurance coverage under the provisions of Vietnam’s Law
  • Priority protect the labor health during production period during Covid-19 pandemic such as making sure no Covid-19 positive case working in Nafoods factory sites, monitoring the compliance of the governmental Covid-19 protection regulations, vaccinating for Nafoods employees…

2. Develop a diverse workforce, respecting difference and anti-discrimination

Our desire is to create a cultural and civilized working environment for our employees. Therefore, we have always been consistent with and encouraged our employees to follow the principles of respectful and equal treatment to each other, regardless of their genders, regions and religions.

3. Employees’ right under Vietnam’s law guaranteed

The relationship between the Nafoods Group and its employees is established on a voluntary basis. Nafoods commits that:

  • All employees’ rights under Labour Law are guaranteed through the regulations of recruitment, training, promulgation of emulation and commendation, performance evaluation and salary; through information exchange and grievance resolution procedure and retrenchment provisions
  • Nafoods absolutely does not use child labour and forced labour
  • The collective labour agreement is applied to all employees
  • Trade Union represents employees and protects their rights

4. Employees’ contribution recognized and worthily awarded

In recognition and appreciation towards employees’ efforts to contribute to Nafoods’s growth and success, we ensure that all of our employees receive what they deserve. At Nafoods Group, we have policies to ensure that employees’ salaries are in respect to their efforts and contribution. In addition, we offer our employees a portion of the company’s profits based on the business’ annual performance in order to encourage their efforts.

5. Staff development

At Nafoods, we are clearly aware of the importance of staff development in terms of creating a positive and efficient working environment. A significant part of our budget is thus allocated for annual staff training programs, both internally and externally. Our desire is to create the best opportunities and conditions for our staff to improve their knowledge and personal development and in turn, contribute to the development of the company and community.

6. Employees of partners in Nafoods’s supply chains

We are concerned not only about our own employees but also our partners’ who work in the supply chains. Labour providers are supposed to follow our requirements:

  • To sign labour contracts with employees who are going to work for us
  • To pay social insurance premiums, organize trade union activities and implement other policies for employees in accordance with the Labour Law
  • Not to use child labour and forced labour

All these requirements are clearly indicated in the contracts between Nafoods and labour providers. We also agree to include all incurred charges into our service costs.