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what is puree juice ?

The easiest to understand is that puree juice is processed from raw materials, extracting the essence of the fruits into the highest quality juice.

Fruit or vegetables are cooked and ground, pressed, and pureed, with a portion of the pulp remaining, to a thick, dense product. Its texture is thicker than smoothie juice and just looser than regular cream or sauces.

Puree juice retains the aroma, flavor and color of ingredients
Puree juice retains the aroma, flavor and color of ingredients

What exactly is Puree juice – NFC?

First, you must understand about regular bottled juice and Puree juice – NFC

Bottled products on the market today are mainly ordinary juices or juices FC (From Concentrate) – Concentrate mixture. When the fruit is pressed, divided into two parts:

  • The more pure liquid water is packaged into regular juice;
  • The remainder is concentrated and then mixed with some other industrial ingredients (water, chemical sugar, flavoring), preservatives, stabilizers, … to form cheaper bottled water.

Puree – NFC (Puree – Not From Concentrate) – Pure juice WITHOUT concentration mixed with. Fruit meat is crushed, pureed and retained, undiluted, undiluted, thickly structured, anti-oxidant processed, rapidly pasteurized and cooled immediately.

Puree juice - NFC, pure juice WITHOUT concentration mixed with
Puree juice – NFC, pure juice WITHOUT concentration mixed with

The outstanding advantage of Puree juice – NFC

  • Retain the correct color and taste of the ingredients. Helping to experience a taste of pure freshness like eating fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • The pasteurization process ensures to retain almost all nutrients in the fruit. But natural nutrition is the purest and safest human nutrition; The outstanding advantage of Puree juice – NFC
  • Keeping up with the trend of the world, especially Western countries, to use products with natural and healthy ingredients;
  • Can be used for all types of users: Old, young, girls, boys, dieters, vegetarians, people who eat sports training regimes, … can use Puree juice – NFC for the purpose of providing nutritional level.
  • Can be used daily to replace traditional drinks
  • This is also the ideal ingredient for some types of sauces in cooking: orange sauce, ketchup, apple sauce, … To make desserts, to prepare mixed drinks at home, or as ingredients for types of cakes, ice cream … Ensuring to bring quality and the most delicious taste.
Puree juice has many effects on health and is used in food processing
Puree juice has many effects on health and is used in food processing

Puree juice products – NFC by Nafoods

Nafoods Puree - NFC juice product portfolio
Nafoods Puree – NFC juice product portfolio

With the advantage of raw materials and optimal production capacity (will be mentioned below), Nafoods is able to supply almost fully and regularly Puree – NFC juices, ensuring freshness. delicious and pure:

  • From popular ingredients such as: Apple, Passion Fruit, Mango, Kumquat, Papaya, Litchi, Red Dragon Fruit, Guava, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Pineapple, Soursop, Banana, …
  • To exotic and pure Vietnamese ingredients such as: Sisters, Jackfruit, Durian, Gac …

See more product information at:

Puree Juice Factory – NFC of Nafoods

Scale production

Nafoods can be said to be a rare unit in Vietnam with a huge production scale of Puree juice – NFC.

Factory chains are present in three regions. Specifically, in Nghe An, Long An, Ben Tre, Son La, Central Highlands and Binh Thuan.

Map of Puree juice factory - NFC by Nafoods
Map of Puree juice factory – NFC by Nafoods

Production capacity

Total production capacity Puree juice – NFC and other products reach 20,000 tons annually. Ensure to supply demand for both domestic and international markets.

More important is creating jobs and stable income for thousands of factory workers across the three regions.

Product standard

  • Research on the process of producing safe products, from raw materials to packaging, must ensure quality. There are no harmful additives such as stimulants, pesticides, harmful pigments in printing, …
  • Publicly and transparently information about the production process, storage, expiry date, …
  • Environmentally friendly by efficient operation management, without wasting energy and water resources. Advanced and proper waste treatment.
  • In addition to the juice production line system, factories also have IQF (quick freezing) production lines, frozen warehouses, classification systems, preliminary processing, packaging and research institutes for distribution. plant varieties and products.

Raw material source

There are crop farms that are run by a Seed Research Institute. Present in domestic locations such as Nghe An, Northwest, Central Highlands, Western regions, … and neighboring countries such as Laos, Cambodia.

Large farm area from 5,000 – 10,000 ha.

The farms belong to Nafoods
The farms belong to Nafoods

Production process

The production process of Puree juice – NFC is seen as a value chain throughout. Include:

  • Breeding: The Nafoods Research & Development Institute collaborates with experts from Taiwan to research on superior plant varieties.
  • Development of material zones: To be invested in synchronous farming and irrigation techniques. Recruit skilled farmers and engineers to manage the farm.
  • Production and processing: Using European production line MMTB. Fresh ingredients are processed and produced quickly into finished products.
  • Distribution: Nafoods has exported Puree – NFC juice and fresh fruit products to more than 50 countries around the world. It is currently expanding to be able to meet the increasing demand of the domestic market.
Manufacturing process at Nafoods
Manufacturing process at Nafoods

Export product specifications

Not only Nafoods, but any exported Puree – NFC juice products must meet the quality standards. Typical at Nafoods are:

  • The qualified raw vegetables and fruits from the farm are harvested and transported quickly to the factory;
  • After that, they were selected and classified again to put into the MMTB line;
  • Finished products: Juice concentrate, Puree juice – NFC, Frozen fruits and vegetables (IQF), Fresh fruits, Dried fruits;
  • Finished products are put into storage and then transported to the port for export.

For the convenience of export, Nafoods products are packed in different forms and volumes, depending on customers’ needs. Specifically, the materials of steel drums, carton boxes and plastic containers have two bottom layers. Weight 500g, 1kg, 2 kg or 5kg. This packaging is suitable for export, easy to transport, keeps product quality and is also convenient for each object.

Puree – NFC juice of Nafoods is stored in frozen storage of -18 0 C. Ideal conditions have a shelf life of 24 months from date of manufacture.

Products from Nafoods are packaged in a variety of forms and volumes
Products from Nafoods are packaged in a variety of forms and volumes

Why choose Puree juice – NFC of Nafoods

Let’s take a look at the following impressive numbers: 1 – 1 – 20 – 30 – 50

  • Asia’s No. 1 for Nafoods’ Lemon Leo juice
  • World’s No.1 for Nafoods Gac juice
  • 20 years of experience in the industry
  • More than 30 different types of vegetables and fruits
  • There are 50 countries importing Nafoods products worldwide. Outstanding in the “fastidious” regions such as America, Japan, Europe, Australia

And meet international commodity standards, such as:

  • Operations management meets Global Gap, BRC, ISO, …
  • Products meet standards of AIJN, Halal, Kosher, BRC, SGF, ISO 22000: 2005, …
Nafoods is a top quality supplier of fresh fruit products
Nafoods is a top quality supplier of fresh fruit products

Order Nafoods products

With so many “difficult” standards, the number of reputable suppliers is also quite rare. Besides, the market demand is very high. Nafoods stands out as a supplier of top quality Puree – NFC juice products.

Consumers can refer to more information and order Nafoods products at the link


It is not too much to say that Puree juice products are the solution and also the future of the food industry. Its application can be used in any food product, anywhere in the world.

Nafoods is proud to be one of the leading suppliers of fresh fruit products in Vietnam.