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Juice Concentrate

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Juice Concentrate are becoming more and more popular lately. Therefore, there are many questions surrounding this type of food. So what is concentrated juice, how does it work, how is it different from other types?

What is concentrated juice?

In the past, to serve the needs of transporting juice products, people tended to concentrate fruit juice to the smallest volume and weight. Then after industrial processing by re-diluting, adding impurities, flavors and artificial flavors,

A number of major concentrated juice manufacturers, typically Nafoods in Vietnam, have been researching to concentrate fruit juices with more advanced technology, pasteurization and pure preservation. Then deliver this nutritious juice straight to the market.

The juice concentrate is a special nutritional drink on the market
The juice concentrate is a special nutritional drink on the market

Several methods of producing concentrated juices

– Concentrated by freezing method

– Concentrate by relative pressure system

Concentrate under vacuum using continuous effect agents

A classic juice concentrate production line goes through the following steps: Selection and sanitization of fresh fruit, crushing, de-activating enzyme, distillation, concentration, UHT sterilization, packaging.

In particular, the retention of residue helps to keep the natural fiber found in fruit. Handling technology helps to increase shelf life of products.

Learn more about other juices to distinguish them from concentrated juices?

1. Pure fruit juice

Simply squeeze fresh fruit with some water, separate the pulp, cool it, pasteurize it, and then bott it. This method is quite popular and easy to process because it is fast and convenient.

The downside is that the fruit content will be reduced due to dilution with water. The pressing process also loses the original flavor of the ingredient fruit.

2. Mixed juice concentrate (FC)

Fruit juice is concentrated in many ways, be it freezing, using heat to evaporate, … so that the product is condensed like syrup, for easy transport and storage.

When producing, they revert to a quantity of water, add substances to create flavor, artificial sweetness, and some antioxidants, stabilizers, …

Of course, through the process of condensing and reconstituting the water, processed in many stages, it also makes the flavor and nutritional ingredients of the product go away. It can be said that this juice has the least nutritional value, but is the most popular on the market today.

Note that this type is very easy to confuse with concentrated juice, because the name is similar. But it is important to understand that on the one hand, pure juice is concentrated and kept intact, on the other is a concentrated product that is then prepared to be finished. And the way these two products are concentrated is also completely different.

3. Juice not from concentrated blends (NFC)

In contrast to juice from a concentrated mixture, this type, when pressed, will retain the ingredient content. That is, do not add anything in the pressing process. Even save some of the fruit pulp for a light consistency.

And will be processed immediately, frozen quickly, pasteurized, bottled and delivered to consumers. It is also one of the highest quality nutritional beverage products on the market.

4. Fresh fruit juices directly from the restaurant / home

Direct juices have the advantage of being fresh, ready-to-eat and ready-to-drink. Very beneficial and healthy for you. The drawback is that leaving fruit pulp will lose fiber in it.

In addition, attention should be paid to food safety and hygiene. Because maybe some impurities that some places will mix in the pressing process. Probably the best, but if the method or ingredients are not under control, they can backfire.

What are the unexpected uses of concentrated juice?

Natural products bring many unexpected benefits to life
Natural products bring many unexpected benefits to life

Application of nutrition to health:

  • Balance blood sugar, protect the heart;
  • Preventing cancer;
  • Improve immune system;
  • Natural products for easy digestion;
  • Skin beauty, weight loss, suitable for all diets;

– Application in food processing: Used as a beverage (to be prepared or diluted), used as cooking ingredients, making ice cream, making a fresh sauce, …

– Other applications in life: Replace a part of fresh fruit for busy people, make gifts, prepare snacks …

Introducing Nafoods’ concentrated juices

Nafoods is a veteran name in the export of green and sustainable value chain agricultural products. As one of the rare giants in Vietnam that possesses the most advanced concentrated juice production line.

1. Product development history of Nafoods

Nafoods is a longstanding prestigious brand name in the fruit product export industry
Nafoods is a longstanding prestigious brand name in the fruit product export industry

Some notable milestones in the product development process:

  • Since 1995, the forerunner of Nafoods was established, specializing in manufacturing and distributing soft drinks;
  • Starting in 2000, specializing in researching and exporting fruit products to countries around the world;
  • Over many years of fluctuations and development, Nafoods invested in some European standard technologies such as MMTB system (2003), IQF line (2013),…;
  • In 2014, the first “home-grown” nursery was put into operation, completing a closed green value chain, self-growing;
  • In 2018, investing VND 410 billion in 2 MMTB systems with a capacity of 7000 tons of concentrated juice / year and 2 tons of IQF fruits and vegetables / h;

2. Product portfolio

Nafoods is currently supplying concentrated juices, ranging from: Sour lemon, passion fruit, watermelon, pineapple, gac, kumquat, red dragon fruit, mango, lychee, …

Especially, the main products from passion fruit, dragon fruit, pineapple … are often sold out. Consumers who want to buy must contact quickly, or refer to the information through the Nafoods product website at:

Nafoods offers a wide variety of concentrate products
Nafoods offers a wide variety of concentrate juice products

3. Product quality standards of Nafoods

As a 25-year-old food company, having exported products everywhere, one of the things that makes Nafoods’ reputation is food hygiene and safety. Each Nafoods product is a closed process from input materials to the final product:

  • Research safe products
  • Closed value chain
  • Modern technology equipment
  • Control and operate according to international standards
  • Provide transparent and complete information about all products to consumers

In addition, Nafoods also ensured commitments on clean food, product diversity, commitment to environmental protection and commitment to support the development of Vietnam’s agriculture.

4. Instructions for use and storage

– The ratio of mixing drinks: 1: 6

– Cold storage

– Shelf life 24 months from date of manufacture

5. Certifications of Nafoods

Nafoods achieved the international certificates of quality food standards AIJN, Halal, Kosher, BRC, SGF, ISO 22000: 2005, ...
Nafoods achieved the international certificates of quality food standards AIJN, Halal, Kosher, BRC, SGF, ISO 22000: 2005, …

Nafoods Group has been very successful in the international market, well received in more than 50 countries across Europe-America, Asia, the Middle East, … International certificates such as AIJN, Halal, Kosher, BRC, SGF , ISO 22000: 2005, …

And always aspires to provide domestic and foreign consumers with natural products with quality standards of Global GAP, Viet Gap, Fairtrade, Organic …