1. Our commitment for community Health and Safety

Nafoods commits to run our operations in such a way that no harm or risks are caused to the communities through food and work safety to avoid environmental impacts, OHS incidents and injuries, through waste and hazardous management procedures. Nafoods commits that each of its products is the result of a closed production cycle which meets one of the most stringent requirements for the quality, including:

a. Research for safe products

Nafoods’s product development strategy aims at safety and health benefits for its customers. Therefore, we have been extremely careful in each production process, from establishing product formulas, deciding materials to packaging design, in order to ensure the safety for the customer. Moreover, we absolutely say “no” to unhealthy ingredients that can result in negative impacts on consumers’ health such as preservatives in all present and future products of Nafoods.

b. Closed value chain

Nafoods has formed a closed product value chain from directly cultivating, processing and transporting to the customer. Strict process to ensure the product is safe.

c. Modern equipment and technologies

To ensure the perfect quality of its products, Nafoods has consistently been researching and investing in modern equipment and technologies. We proudly own one of the most advanced manufacturing chains in the world.

d. Management and quality control in compliance with international standards

Nafoods has highly paid attention to product quality control and management. Nafoods adheres to the applicable laws and regulations of Vietnam, ISO 22000/ HACCP, BRC, FDA, Global GAP principles…. that be consistent with the principles of IFC’s Performance Standards, applicable WBG (EHS) General Guidelines, IFC Food and Beverage Sector Specific Guidelines to strictly and thoroughly manage all stages of the whole Nafoods’ supply chain from agricultural production, harvesting, post-harvesting, material collecting, processing, packaging, preservation/storage and distribution.

e. Full and fair of information for customer

We commit to deliver full and fair information about our products including cropping, harvesting, processing and preservation also guidelines to help customers choose and use our products that fit and satisfy their needs.

2. Our commitment for community relations and security personnel:

Nafoods is committed to active community engagement and engagement with the stakeholders, from information sharing and consultation, to participation, negotiation, and partnerships to ensure that:

  • Relevant Environmental and Social (E&S) information is disclosed and disseminated
  • Grievances from internal and external stakeholders are responded to and managed appropriately through the information exchange and grievance resolution procedure for all employees and community to express concerns about the security system and personnel.

Nafoods also commit to achieve:

  • Construction and agricultural development towards sustainability;
  • The statutory requirements relating to labor law and social security;
  • Successful implementation of welfare schemes, occupational health and safety, the working conditions and activities (training, equipping and monitoring) in order to create the best conditions for staff and (both direct or contracted) workers are working in a healthy and security environment, promote creativity and effective;
  • Good relations and sustainable communities around, jointly developed;
  • No activities affect the interests of the community and the cultural heritage
  • Inform and aware the entire staff of the company on legal compliance awareness and relationship, good cooperation with the community.

3. Our commitment for community development support:

Nafoods will make greater efforts to participate larger and deeper in community support programs and strive to build Nghe An homeland more richer and civilized Community support activities. Nafoods has been consistently promoting our Vietnamese traditional value “whole leaves wrap torn leaves” and identifying this as a guideline for all of our community support activities. These activities organized by Nafoods’s Executive Board and always received the positive support from all of the company’s employees, are for:

  • Offering financial supports to people at different provinces and hospitals who have illness, incurable diseases or life-threatening diseases
  • Supporting and offering gifts for children with special situations at orphanages and abandoned children at humanity centers
  • Supporting people experiencing natural disasters

4. Our commitment for local economic development:

In all of its activities, Nafoods always purpose to connect the company’s growth to the common development of both local and national economies

a. Functioning in compliance with law

  • Always complying with laws and regulations in where Nafoods has operation activities
  • Ensuring that all statistics and numeric data reported to the authority agencies are precise, honest, complete and timely
  • Actively participating into programs launched by the Government to stabilize and develop the national economy
  • Completely fulfilling tax duties and other obligations stipulated by the law of the countries in which Nafoods operates

b. Developing local economy

In the localities where Nafoods has its business and production activities, the company always aims at connecting its production scale expansion with the development of local economy:

  • Investing in facilities, contributing to the local infrastructure development
  • Creating jobs and vocational training opportunities for local labour force

c. High quality agricultural development

  • Applying the world’s advanced technologies in Nafoods’s farms to contribute to the development of high quality farming agriculture of Vietnam
  • Supporting farmers, especially indigenous peoples by providing finance aids and techniques
  • Having policies in procurement to ensure farmers’ benefit through the commitments of stable purchasing quantities and competitive prices.